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When Your Workplace Causes Mental Anguish

California has very strong employee rights laws. Some of these pertain to your mental health on the job. At Work Injury Law Group in Lawndale, our dedicated legal team works to ensure that your rights at the workplace are tenaciously protected.

Understanding What A Psychological Injury Looks Like

Certain workplace issues can cause mental distress. While every job has its “pain points,” things that cause a psychological injury tend to be part of the company culture and are often on-going. This kind of injury can be caused by physical things such as bullying, harassment or a physically unsafe workplace. It can also be caused by an unrealistic, continuous and overwhelming workload. Certain types of shift work can also affect employees’ mental health.

Employees who suffer from workplace-induced psychological injuries can experience depression, poor sleep, PTSD and mental fatigue or “burn out.” Many workers blame themselves for not being able to do better, even though they are suffering from unattainable metrics or abuse at work. If you feel that your workplace is toxic and causing you to suffer mental health issues, call and set up an appointment with a member of our team. You may be surprised to learn of the options and recourses available to you.

Why Choose Work Injury Law Group?

When we take your case, you work one-on-one with an attorney from the first step till the resolution of your issue. Because employment law is a major focus of our practice, we are extremely knowledgeable about California employment law. We are prepared to advocate for you anytime you are hurt on the job. Personal service means that you are the prime focus; your story, your goals and your concerns are taken to heart. As experienced trial attorneys, we recognize what is in your best interest, be it a settlement or a trial.

Work With An Attorney Who Understands Workplace Trauma

We are tenacious advocates for employees. We put you, the client, at the center of all we do. Call our team and arrange for a free consultation at 310-299-8945. Be heard, be listened to and get your questions answered. You can also reach us via our online contact form. Located in Lawndale, we help workers throughout Southern California.