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Will workers’ compensation cover repetitive job injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits will help pay your medical bills if you get hurt on the job. It can even provide you with disability coverage if you need to take an extended leave of absence.

You know that you can get benefits if you are injured because of a machinery malfunction or a car crash while doing your job. However, many workplace injuries do not occur all at once. Sometimes, they develop over time.

Repetitive job injuries are common in numerous jobs. Any position that requires that you do the same physical activity repeatedly throughout the day and over the course of many years could eventually lead to a significant injury. Will workers’ compensation protect you from a repetitive job injury related to work?

Yes, repetitive job injuries can qualify for benefits

Workers’ comp is intended to cover any medical condition caused by your employment. Work-related illnesses, ranging from cancer caused by chemical exposure to carpal tunnel syndrome caused by typing all day, can lead to successful benefits claims.

A worker will typically need to show that their medical condition is a direct result of their work. You may have to undergo testing for a medical professional to affirm that your condition resulted you’re your job. You should be able to request both coverage for your medical care and wage replacement after your treatment. In cases where you need to change your job to a lower-paying one, you may be eligible for permanent partial disability pay.

Learning more about how California workers’ compensation functions can help you get the benefits you require to help you recover from a workplace injury or illness and to help you take care of financial needs that result from the effect it has on your ability to work.